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2008 CAG Campaign:

Press Release: US State Department confirms Modi will not be given visa

Press Release: 27 US Lawmakers want Modiís visa ban extended; Coalition Against Genocide gets support from more congresspersons

Press Release: US Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania urges entry ban on Narendra Modi

Press Release: US Lawmaker, Human Rights group urge the US State Department for Modi visa denial

McCollum Urges Sec. of State Rice to Deny Visa to Indian Politician Mr. Narendra Modi

USCIRF Urges Denial of U.S. Visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi

Press Release: Coalition Against Genocide calls for the continuation of the visa ban on Modi

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Affiliations of Faith (Part II): Joined at the Hip

Affiliations of Faith (Part I): HAF and the Global Sangh

Genocide in Gujarat - The Sangh Parivar, Narendra Modi, and the Government of Gujarat

Final Solution Preview
Final Solution


  Final Solution is a study of the politics of hate. Set in Gujarat during the period February/March 2002 - July 2003, the film examines the genocidal violence of the Hindutva right-wing by exploiting the Godhra train incident and then goes on to document the various acts of brutality that marked the violence that followed. It travels with the election campaign during the Assembly elections in Gujarat in late 2002, and documents the spread of hate and fascism that accompanied it.

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