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MPs letter to President Obama is authentic says forensic report
U.S. Court Certified Forensic Examiner's report debunks allegations of forgery


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), a broad alliance dedicated to justice and accountability for the Gujarat pogrom of 2002, today released a forensic examination report establishing the authenticity of the letters written by 64 members of both houses of Parliament to President Barack Obama. The MPs’ letters had urged the President to continue America’s long-standing policy of banning the entry of Chief Minister Narendra Modi into the United States. These letters were released by CAG after BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh went on record to say that one of the objectives of his US visit was to urge US lawmakers to revoke the visa ban on Mr. Modi.

The report by Ms. Nanette Barto, a U.S. Court-Certified Forensic Document Examiner establishes the following:
  1. Each letter “was created in a single event, and that the signatures found upon it are original/authentic wet ink signatures.”
  2. There is no evidence of “cut and paste” or computer alterations performed on the documents.
  3. Each signature was executed by a different hand thereby dispelling any doubt of one person executing more than one signature
“The forensic report establishes beyond any doubt that the letters written by the MPs to President Obama were genuine,” said Raja Swamy, spokesperson for the "Coalition Against Genocide (CAG). “It is time to refocus the discussion around the letters’ content, and the reasons that compelled the MPs to write to the US President,” added Mr. Swamy.

“Allegations of forgery related to the MPs’ letters are frivolous, and intended to stifle discussion on the issues of justice and human rights that the letters have brought to the fore,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, President of Indian American Minorities Network, a CAG affiliate. “In light of the forensic examiner’s report the futile debate on the authenticity of the letters must end, and give way to a national discussion on accountability for the pogrom of 2002, fake encounter killings and suppression of religious freedom in Gujarat,” added Dr. Ubaid.

The fact that nine members of Parliament were unable to summon the courage to stand by their own signatures under heavy party pressure should not become an excuse for doubting the veracity of the letter. CAG commends all the MPs who stand by the letter, its contents and their signatures, as their position has been vindicated by the forensic report.

The Coalition Against Genocide calls upon the Indian Parliament to dedicate some time during the upcoming session to discuss issues raised in the letter, and chart a path forward for a nation that is still reeling under the onslaught of a hate-filled and divisive ideology.

The Coalition Against Genocide includes a diverse spectrum of organizations and individuals in the United States and Canada that have come together in response to the Gujarat genocide to demand accountability and justice.

  1. Mr. Raja Swamy
    Phone: 864-804-0216

  2. Mr. Shaik Ubaid
    Phone: 516-567-0783

  3. Coalition Against Genocide
    Phone/Fax: (443) 927-9039
    Email: media@coalitionagainstgenocide.org

  1. Text of Joint Letter by India’s Parliamentarians to President Barack Obama
    Lok Sabha Letter: http://coalitionagainstgenocide.org/press/support/letter-ls-mps-obama.pdf
    Rajya Sabha Letter: http://coalitionagainstgenocide.org/press/support/letter-rs-mps-obama.pdf

  2. Links to Forensic Examiner's Report:
    Lok Sabha Letter: http://www.coalitionagainstgenocide.org/press/support/forensic-report-ls-letter.pdf
    Rajya Sabha Letter: http://www.coalitionagainstgenocide.org/press/support/forensic-report-rs-letter.pdf

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